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Sound Design

I have a breadth of experience with sound design and I can handle any project brief, whether you need Foley effects, field recordings, synthesized effects, old-school chip sounds, or even distorted creature vocals, I've got you covered!

Music Composition

I'm a versatile composer with a command of many different musical styles and moods. I can also design and implement interactive music systems that will adapt to the gameplay. Feel free to check out my main page for more!

Battle with the Wanning Spirit - Corey Taylor
Engagement in the Base - Corey Taylor
Market Theme Day - Corey Taylor
Puzzle Battle Easy Stage - Corey Taylor


The most important step of all! Most often understanding the logic of how to implement sound into an interactive environment is paramount to the overall quality. I can implement my sounds either straight into Unity/Unreal or through audio middleware like FMOD/Wwise to make sure everything is sounding perfect and is as optimized as it can be!

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