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I'm a video game audio designer with 6 years of experience creating awesome audio for a huge variety of video games. I use my background in game design to reinforce my audio design decisions to create music and sound effects that heavily support gameplay and environments. I'm very passionate about dynamic sound and will use adaptive or dynamic music along with my sound design to create a cohesive sonic experience for the players.  I've worked on anything from open-world multiplayer games, to smaller mobile puzzle games, but my favorite types of games to work on are the ones that test my creative ability by exploring new territory! I'm currently freelancing and would love to connect with you about your project!

My areas of expertise include:

  • Composition and Arrangement

  • Foley and Sound Design

  • Recording and Editing

  • Dialogue and VoiceOvers

  • Mixing and Mastering

  • Engineering and Post-Production

  • Dynamic Audio and Sound Programming


  • Bachelor of Audio Engineering (major in Post-Production)

  • AMEB Music Theory Diploma

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